Zaldi Bridles
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The Zaldi Joya Dressage Bridle is made from fine Spainsh leather. Available in black or black and white, it is a single rein, but can be ordered as a double rein. The browband is embelished with crystals. Cob or Full size.  $247

Also available with beautiful Swarowski Crystals  $297

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Zaldi Joya simple bridle.jpg

Add a little color to your horse with this beautiful San Jorge Bridle by Zaldi that can be color customized. Made from the best quality leather, it has a wide, comfortable noseband. You can specify the color of the leather, pad, stitching and piping. The buckles can be either chrome or golden. The bridle comes with a flash and single leather reins, but is also available with double reins. Colors to choose from are: black, havana, brown, london, dark london, with padding colors of white, red, blue, purple and  black. Only available in full size.   $242. 

ZALDI-EXTRA-SANJORGE bridle rose.jpg

Add a Zaldi coordinating color girth to show your style!! 

The Zaldi White Diamond is very similar to the Joya, but the noseband is not as thickly padded. The reins included with this bridle are web type. As with the others, the padding is available in colors.  This bridle is made of excellent European leather.     $159


If you want to add some real bling to your look, this is the bridle for you!! The Zaldi Star Diamond has rows of sparkly crystals on both the nose and browbands. We love it on our Friesian. Beautiful leather on the bridle and reins, it is a steal at this price.  $128 


The Zaldi Weymouth Bridle is made of fine leather and has simple lines. Web reins are included with this bridle. It is also available in several colors and single and double rein.  $90 

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The Zaldi Fitting Dressage Bridle is available in single and double reins. It is made from beautiful European leather with leather reins included. The bridle comes in either black or brown. An excellent bridle for the show or practice ring.  $107 

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castecus anatomical dressage bridle.jpg

The Castecus Anatomical Dressage Bridle has a soft comfort crownpiece, noseband and browband. 

It includes removable flash noseband and webbed reins. 

It is a very handsome and well made bridle and has been very popular with our clients. Available in black or dark brown.  Full/cob


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Stampede Equestrian of England provides these beautiful handmade, English leather bridles. With or without flash noseband, the bridle can be customized to fit your horse. Options on noseband include patent leather and white or black padding. Your color choice on handmade crystal browband. Bridles do not include reins.  If unsure of your horse's size, please send us measurements. Bridles can be custom sized.  $210   Stampede Bridles only.

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Anatomically shaped bridle with soft imitation fur lining. The lining prevents irritation and is, therefore, perfect for horses with a sensitive skin. The white stitching and decorative stitching give a luxurious look to the bridle. Soft padding at the closure of the noseband.

Comes in black or brown. Pony, Cob and Full


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