Custom Saddles by TrekHorse USA


TrekHorse custom saddles provide fit, comfort, grip, stability and communication for you and your horse. A happy horse makes a happy rider and gets you moving on the right path.  Please contact us at trekhorseusa@gmail.com with any questions and ordering information.

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Our current custom saddles are by Ludomar and Zaldi and sold through our partner, TrekHorse.

Hand-made in Spain of high quality European leather with a rigid or flexible tree, you will feel incredible comfort and stability with all of our saddles. It is made-to-measure to insure the correct gullet size, panel length and filling for you and your horse. You can customize your seat with multiple leather options, colors and decorations.  Many are made of box-calf leather, a soft luxurious leather. They also may have vegetal croupon leather, which is from the rump of the cow and a very durable leather.

Since your saddle is custom made to your specifications, it usually takes approximately 60 - 120 days to receive. The timeline has been increased as a result of covid. Both Ludomar and Zaldi were closed for several months along with their suppliers. They are behind in manufacturing, but working hard to catch up. 


We are now selling saddles online so it is extremely important to get all the correct measurements of your horse and how you sit in the saddle. We will require photos of your horse and the rider sitting on the horse.  Please contact us either for an appointment or for the necessary information we will need to order your saddle. We have several demo saddles you can try on your horse or on one of ours, if you are close by, to see if these saddles are for you.

The first saddle demo appointment is free of charge and then a fee of $100 will be charged for each subsequent saddle tryout appointment.  Tryouts are limited to approximately 1 hour as we usually have multiple appointments during the day.  If you prefer your trainer to see you ride in the saddle, we suggest you schedule them at the time of the demo.


Please note, we do not lend our saddles for self demo rides or mail them  for trials. 

Please contact us  with questions and to schedule a saddle demo at our email address.

We can now order saddles and equestrian items from Hastalow, if you are interested. Please contact us for types and pricing.