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Hair Accessories

Bun Maker Easy

If you are like many of us and all thumbs trying to get your hair looking good for the ring, this product is for you! Check out the video on just how easy it is to have a great looking hair bun.

Item comes in black, brown or blond.

$5   #8467

hair net


Hair Scrounchie Gloss

Fine mesh hairnet to keep your hair neat during competition. 

Comes in black, blonde and brown

$3.50   #8411

hair bow

Hair Bow Lace

Glass beads strung on sturdy elastic and finished with small rhinestones for a little bling.

Available in white, black/white, white/navy, white/cobalt blue, gray/white, pink/white, red/white/blue, red/white,


$17   #8371/8408

beaded hair cover

Hairnet Pearl

hair cover

Hairnet Diamond

Hair bow with fine mesh net and double bow. Upper bow is lace and lower is satin. Can be fastened with a barrette clip (not included). 

Available in black and navy

$10   #8368

hair net sparkle

Classic looking hair net with imitation pearls strung to strong elastic.

Available in black or white.

$10  #8275

hair donut

Large mesh knotted hair net with silver rhinestones.

Available in brown, fuchsia, gray, cobalt blue, navy, red, white and black. 

$10  #8274

QHP Hairnet Rhinestone 

Fine mesh air net is decorated with elegant rhinestones. Available in 4 colors. $12 #8466

QHP Hair Donut

A hair donut makes it easy to create the perfect bun, even with shorter hair. Black, Blonde or Brown. $8

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