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Ludomar Jumping  & All Purpose Saddles

As with the Ludomar Dressage saddles, these saddles have many options to customize.  The saddle gullet, panel length and filling are custom made. Seat sizes are available in 17, 17.5 and 18 inches. Many leather and color options, along with decorations, enable you to design your dream saddle.

Ludomar Alexa Mixte $1680 (no decorations)

The All-Purpose Alexa Mixte saddle offers the rider maximum adaptability. The knee blocks under the saddle flaps are Velcro attached. For dressage, the rider can choose to attach the blocks for leg support and for obstacles, the knee blocks can be removed. This saddle also works great for trail riders as it can be made with as many saddle bag rings as needed. 

Alexa Mixte is made from premium Italian leather by the Ludomar Spanish saddlers. All options are available on this saddle.

ludomar Teide_Star.jpg
Ludomar TEIDE STAR Mixte  $1575 (no decorations)

The TEIDE STAR Mixte is a fantastic flat close contact jumping saddle with several knee block options to add optimal grip. It is Made from top quality European leather and can be designed to your taste with any of the options. 

Ludomar Olimpia  $1300 (no decorations)

The Olimpia is great close contact saddle made with very soft and comfortable double leather. The flexible tree is guaranteed for 6 years of normal use. Personalization is possible. Seat sizes are 17, 17.5 and 18 and multiple colors and combinations are available. 

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