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Stirrup Leathers & Stirrups


TrekHorse USA is pleased  to offer a custom made stirrup leather by Ludomar. It is a flat leather that does not twist and turn like a traditional English stirrup leather.  Attaching the leather to the saddle is a breeze and adjusting the length from on top your horse is much easier. 

We also offer a variety of stirrups,  including the Rid Up Innovation and Acavallo Composite.  We have Spanish and Western stirrups available. Let us know what you are looking for.

We will be adding more pictures of available stock soon so check back often!

Please email us at to order these items.

Ludomar Flat Stirrup Leathers are great to ride in.  Flat surfaces for both you and your horse makes it easy on the leg.  Made from beautiful Spanish leather.  $100 per pair. Available in 2 lengths.

Back                                          Pocket for the strap                                           Easy to adjust outside


Ludomar Classic Stirrup Leathers are made in Spain from fine European leather. They come in Black, Brown, Conjac and London colors. 


The buckles may be gold or silver, depending on your preference. 

Lengths are available from 30 to 85 cm, so please specify when ordering.

$60 for Classic

$70 for Mono Leathers

ludomar stirrup leather.jpg

Zaldi Rid'Up Stirrups offer not only safety, but some fun to your style!

This stirrup has a patented "Look" safety system with an injected cleat. Made from Composition Polyamide with fibers. 

The leather eye is 90 degrees to make it easier to put the stirrup leathers on and keep your foot in the right position. to reduce the risk of being dragged after a fall, Rid"up stirrups disengage from the stirrup leather while remaining intact. 

Available in six colors, you can pick your favorite to make a riding style statement! 






Rid up stirrups.jpg

Acavallo Opera Stirrups are a lightweight, heavy duty composite material. The patented loop construction decreases friction between leg and stirrup. It also relieves tension in the hips, knees, ankles and calves.

The large, stainless steel stirrup pads give riders a better grip to keep your foot in the right position. 






opera stirrup.jpg
acavello opera stirrup pic.jpg
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