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Right Path Equestrian is owned and operated by a trainer, saddle fitter, saddle maker and riders. We only sell items we believe are the best value for your money. Riding in what we sell and partnering with professional equestrians in various disciplines gives us the insight to offer our customers the best equipment to go down the right path. Our inventory includes the latest style and technology for the rider and their horse. 

Please contact our customer service for help with clothing, saddles, bridles and anything in between. If an item is out of stock, we may be able to still find it for you. Check back often as we add new brands and stock. 

Thanks for stopping in!


Kristen and Jennifer just returned from the Spoga, the mother of all equestrian markets. All the latest styles and improvements in tack, clothing and accessories are put on display for release in a few months. Jennifer had the opportunity to speak with new saddle and bridle companies while Kristen checked in on clothing and accessory options.  As a result of the trip, Right path has picked up several new brands to offer it customers with our company being the exclusive distributor in the U.S. on a few of these.

In the next month, we will be updating our website to reflect the new offerings. As always, th
ese items will also be available at the events we attend. As dates become available to us, we will post where you can shop in person.  We also do shopping events at private barns and events.

Exciting times are coming soon!


isabel werth em.jpg

Isabel Werth and Emma Glass at Spoga checking out our new riding glove line.

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