Zaldi Dressage Saddles

Zaldi's master saddle makers have been manufacturing saddles for more than 100 years. Specialist craftsmen have been recruited and trained in the best traditional methods while incorporating modern materials and technology. 

The saddle tree has been technically developed in conjunction with scientific research by the Foundation for the Investigation and Development in Transport and Energy. Champion riders from every discipline also had input in the development of these saddles.  As a result, each saddle tree type is designed specifically for each equestrian discipline. In addition, there are varying designs for shape, weight distribution, seat depths, widths, lengths as well as materials. 


TrekHorse USA has nine Zaldi dressage saddles to offer their customers. These are all custom handmade saddles from Spain. They are, of course, made from the finest European leathers. Zaldi saddle tree has a 10 year guarantee in normal conditions. Options available are the tree, stirrup bar, seat, flaps, panels, knee rolls, girth straps and leather color.  Due to Covid, the delivery time may increase. 

We now have the Drim Atlanta and the Kira Klass available for demo rides.

Zaldi Drim.jpg
zaldi new Cont.jpg
Zaldi Drim Atlanta  $3068  (base price)

One of the newest saddle offerings from Zaldi is the Drim Atlanta. Zaldi has incorporated leading technological developments together with the most advanced veterinary and medical research to launch a new line of customized saddles. 

The Atlanta is manufactured with exchangeable gullets, has a deep seat for dressage made from polypropylene EPDM. The saddletree is guaranteed for 10 years. The new dual density anatomical tree for horse and rider allows for many features of rigidity, deformation and absorption of energy in the different areas it is needed. The new tree has the ability to adjust completely to the back of the horse and expands and spreads the rider's weight to avoid pressure points.  It has also been optimized in design for rider comfort as it is elastic and absorbs shock, allowing for free passage of the horse's energy. This saddle is ergonomically designed and is available in different seats for a man or a woman. The saddle comes with a 5-multi-position stirrup bar.    

We have this saddle available for demo rides.

Zaldi Drim $3068 (base price)
Zaldi New Kent 2G

The Zaldi Drim is a professional rider's dressage saddle made of the highest quality material available. A new generation dual density tree that combines flexibility with support adapts perfectly to the horses back. Panels made with viscoelastic memory foam with 4 cm soft silicon and both wool and latex filling are incorporated into the wither pad.


The wither pad has 1 cm of memory foam with moisture resistant wool filling to avoid lumps or voids. the panels are anatomically formed in a triangular shape for easy movement of the horse and to adapt to the pressure caused by the rider's weight.

The trim where the saddle and flaps join has been redesigned for comport and to avoid pressure on the inside thigh when riding. The seat is made from 3 layers of rubber; 2 layers of ELAX high density silicon and one layer of latex to insure the rider's comfort.

The TM knee rolls have a row of air holes to allow the circulation of air and gives the correct pressure and support at all times. 

Zaldi New Cont $2500 (base price)

The Zaldi New Cont is designed for professional dressage riders that stay in the saddle for several hours a day.  It is also fits the bill for the trail rider who likes to take long rides.


The saddle is well-cushioned and easy to sit, but give support without restricting movement. the seat is semi-deep, quite spacey and relatively narrow.  

zaldi new kent.jpg
Zaldi New Kent  $2100 (base price)

The Zaldi New Kent is ideal for both professionals or amateurs. It is very comfortable, even on long walks.  

The saddle has a semi-deep tree for dressage with a latex rubber seat. Knee pads are outside and there is a straight flap and wool panels. The tree is made of thermo-molded polypropylene and the stirrup bars are short stainless steel safety. Girth straps are long with a "V" system.  

Options are available on the fitting system and kneeblocks, in addition to all the saddle style options.

zaldi sanjorge.jpg
Zaldi Sanjorge $2500  (base price)

The Zaldi Sanjorge is the company's most well known saddle. It is designed for a dressage rider looking for a quality versatile saddle with a tight seat, good feel, ergonomically correct for the horse and at an excellent price. 

Available in either a deep or semi-deep ergonomic seat, the standard saddle comes with big visible knee blocks. These can also be ordered with the Zaldi technical knee blocks that can be placed in several ways to give the rider a different level of leg support.

The wide wool-filled comfort pans distribute the riders weight evenly throughout a large area. The saddle tree is guaranteed 10 years. 

This saddle can be custom made to seat size, tree width, panel length, color and many other options.

zaldi passage.jpg
Zaldi Passage $2500

The Zaldi Passage is a functional monoquartier saddle with a single flap for closer contact. It is boxcalf leather which is more resistant, flexible and durable and an excellent comfort level. 

The seat is very deep with long dressage flaps in a rounded ergonomic design that can be adjusted. It also has very big knee pads

It can be ordered in the classical colors or multiply combinations of stiching, piping and edge strips and other options.

Zaldi Kira Klass $3020 with TM system
zaldi kira klass.jpg
zaldi millenium.jpg

The Kira Klass is a top quality dressage saddle with an ergonomic deep seat, or semi-deep seat, and high cantle that ensures the a rider a nice, snug feeling in the saddle. Technical knee blocks can be placed in several ways to give the rider a different level of log support. 

Designed in cooperation with top level dressage riders, saddle ergonomic points for horse and rider are the key to this product. The wide saddle panels are a mixture of wool and latex so the riders weight is distributed evenly. The shape of the panes leave the horse's shoulders completely free.

The flexible saddle tree is guaranteed and the gullet width and saddle padding can be changed in the future, if needed. 

This is truly a custom saddle with many options available in the construction of the saddle, in addition to the appearance options also. 

This saddle will be available for demo riding January 2021.  

Zaldi Millenium & Platinium  $2500 (base price)
zaldi platinium.jpg

Both the Millennium and Platinum are professional dressage saddles with a very deep seat. Both have the same design with the primary difference being the panels. The Platinum has wool panels and the Millennium has rubber latex filled panels.

Both are constructed of European box-calf leather and vegetal croupon.  The outside knee-pad is high and very wide and the flap is long and straight. The tree is thermo-molded polypropylene using the latest technology. 

Multiple options are available concerning the leather, threads, piping and edge strips. 

Zaldi Kent 2G  $2300 (base price)

The Zaldi New Kent 2G is ideal for both professionals or amateurs. It is very comfortable, even on long walks.  This saddle is similar to the New Kent, but with many more options. 

The saddle has a semi-deep tree for dressage with a latex rubber seat with an option of an extra comfort or country seat. The depth of the seat can also be changed. Knee pads are outside and there is a straight flap and intelligent latex wool panels. The tree is made of special materials with a 10 year guarantee and the stirrup bars have several options available. Girth straps are long with a "V" system.  

Options are available on the fitting system and kneeblocks, in addition to all the saddle style options. This saddle can be fine-tuned to fit your needs.

kent 2G.jpg
Zaldi exchange system.jpg

Zaldi Block and knee pad exchange system for use with saddles that have the TM system. 

The Combi Tm3 is a new system of exchange from thigh block to the option knee pads. It works with the new TM technology of adjustment to the flap by screws patented by Zaldi Sillas De Montar. 

The saddle carries a pre-installation of the TM system which enables the rider to change from the thigh block to a big or medium knee pad. These elements are multipositional and adaptable in inclination and height to what fits the rider. 

This is an option when you order the Zaldi saddle with the TM system. Each knee block is sold separately.