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 Frank Baines Saddlery

Frank Baines Saddlery designs and hand-crafts award-winning  dressage, jumping and eventing saddles. All saddles are custom made to your requirements in England. They only use top quality soft, hide leather. They also offer a wide range of leathers, coloured stiching, customised cantle and welting and add crystals to make a saddle as individual as you. Contact us to measure you and your horse to find the best fit for you both. This is only a small sampling of the saddles available.


Operetta Dressage Saddle

An award winning dressage saddle loved for its striking, sleek design. A dynamic ride with effortless close contact and control.

Frank Baines Adagio Dressage Saddle

Adagio Dressage Saddle

The Adagio is one of the popular Baines Dressage saddles loved for its close contact seating position, comfort and style.

Frank Baines Etude Dressage Saddle

Etude Dressage Saddle

The Etude mono flap is contemporaty in its design with a secure and comfortable seat. 

Frank Baines Omni Pro Dressage Saddle

Omni Pro Dressage Saddle

The deep-seated Omni is one of the most popular Baines saddle. It gives a secure, stable and balanced feel in the seat while still allowing the rider and horse to communicate. 

Frank Baines Pirouette Pro Dressage Saddle

Pirouette Pro Dressage Saddle

The Pirouette Pro give the rider closer contact and instant comfort with covered skirts and flaps. It is designed for precision movement by putting you in the classic dressage position.

Frank Baines Encore Dressage Saddle

Encore Dressage Saddle

The Encore is a classic design with highly customisable features. The rider can change the knee block position to suit their needs. 

Frank Baines Elan Show Jumping and Eventing Saddle

Elan Showjumping and Eventing Saddle

The Elan has an open seat allowing for easy position change. The EXP is unique to Frank Baines Saddlery. It comes with the option of wool or foam flocked panels. 

Frank Baines Reflex Jumping Saddle

Reflex Jumping Saddle

The Reflex Jump saddle is classic in its design offering a deep seat and a wool flocked or foam panel.

Frank Baines Edessa Jumping Saddle

Edessa Jumping Saddle

The Edessa is luxurious and stylish with covered flaps and skirts for instant comfort for the most discerning rider.

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