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Jennifer Glass Trainer
Jennifer Glass, Trainer

Right Path
Training and Lessons

Jennifer Glass has been a trainer and riding instructor for the past 20 years. She has been helping students and horse owners to achieve their riding goals and to feel confident and comfortable with their horses. 

Jennifer's riding and training philosophy fits a variety of disciplines. Her goal is to start riders and their horses down the right path so they can continue in any direction, but still have all the correct basic elements to achieve the results they are looking for. Whether you trail ride, barrel race, do dressage or jumping, the balance and basic training must be put in place. 

Jennifer starts young horses, but also helps correct problems that owners may have with their older horses. She also works with riders who may be coming back to riding and need to regain their confidence. 

Right Path Equestrian is located at Pine Bluff Farms in Peyton, CO and includes a 240 x 100 indoor arena and a 100 x 200 outdoor arena.  Horses in for training have large stalls with turnout everyday. Training space is limited at this facility. Riders may also haul in for lessons or training 


Whatever your discipline or horse challenge is, contact Jennifer to get the training you need. Her students and boarders love her positive attitude and the friendly, laid-back atmosphere of the barn.  Come and talk horses with us!

You can email Jennifer at, or text her at 719.641.6487.

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