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Saddle Fitting

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Saddle Fitting Qualifications


Jennifer and Kristen have completed courses at the Society of Master Saddlers North America in Maryland. They will continue to attend advanced courses and a mentorship before taking their Master Test in England. In addition to saddle fitting, their training included courses in bench flocking, repair, refitting of saddles, adjustments and the use of pads as re-balancing tools.  They are currently certified to saddle fit, repair and reflock.

Having a thorough knowledge of saddle mechanics ensures that the saddle does not create pressure points and that your horse, and you, will be having an enjoyable ride. A correctly fitted saddle is essential to the performance and comfort of any horse or pony - a badly fitted saddle can cause lameness, painful saddle sores and behavioral problems.

New mobile computerized saddle fitting systems have now been developed to review the fit and give horse owners and riders an accurate record of how a saddle fits their horse or pony. Right Path incorporates the use of the Equiscan topograph system with their saddle fitting techniques to ensure your saddle is the best fit for your horse. We provide a 3-D printout to review.  This map is then sent to our custom saddle maker, or the saddle maker of your choice.  The Equiscan system has won numerous awards in Europe for its accuracy and contributions to the equine world. 


Appointments and Clinics

Jennifer and Kristen are available for private saddle fittings and saddle fitting clinics. They can evaluate your current saddle and if it only needs minor adjustments, can re-flock and adjust on site. They will also have on hand a few demo saddles from our Trekhorse USA stock, if you are interested in purchasing a new custom saddle.

Their current rates are:

Saddle Fit Check $100 (Saddle fits are 1 hour.)

Equiscan $120

Saddle Demo $100 (Demos are 1 hour)

Assessing & Tracing $50

These charges are waived if a saddle is purchased from TrekHorseUSA./Right Path Equestrian

Saddle Fit and Partial Flocking $200

Saddle Fit and Full Flocking (drop panel & tree check with photo of tree included) $300

Travel over 20 miles will be charged $50 and under 20 miles charged the standard rate of 53 cents per mile or the current federal rate.  Appointments located more than 50 miles will have an additional fee.  Group rates are available.

Do to the high cost of gas, all rechecks, demos and saddle fits will be charged a trip charge.  If there is more than 1 person at the site, trip charges are shared equally between participants.


Demos and Saddle fits that run over 1 hour will be charged an additional rate.

If you are interested in a private or group fitting please contact us at

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