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 Marjoman Dressage Saddles

We offer two Marjoman dressage saddles. They are made in Spain from European leathers. Marjoman is one of the smaller saddle makers, but they have great quality, beauty and reliability.

marjoman verona-dressage-saddle.jpg
Marjoman Verona

The Marjoman Verona saddle is a new saddle from Marjoman. It has a deep seat, high knee roll for thigh support and more freedom to the leg. The wide panels with a big wedge offer better support. A smaller quilted flap gives greater comfort. The saddle has a channel for the stirrup leather, a V girth system with 6 adjustment points and reinforced leather to lengthen the life of the flap.

A Thermoformable tree can be adapted to the horse's measurement.  

This saddle comes in black, brown or London 

Marjoman Viena

The Marjoman Viena was designed following the directions of dressage champions. It has high knee rolls on the saddle pad for better support. The underneath panels are extremely comfortable and the saddle is excellent quality. 

Seat size is 16.5, 17, 17.5 or 18 inches. Colors offered are black, brown, London, black with red trim, black with yellow trim, black with green trim or black with blue trim.

This is a beautiful saddle!

marjoman viena-dressage-saddle.jpg
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