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Below is just a small sampling of types of  saddles available. Please visit the DP website to find exactly what you are looking for!

3340MBL_Prado MBL_B60956_1 (2).jpg

NovaFlex Prado MBL Dressage Saddle

Right Path Equestrian is very please to announce a new partnership with DP Saddlery. 


The Saddlery is located in the middle of Southern Bavaria, Germany.  The company's outstanding values and enthusiasm for the natural product leather has been the driving force for their positive development for more than 20 years. Their products are made using the practice of an old craftsmanship, but incorporate the developments of innovative processes that meet the needs of their customers. DP Saddlery strives to perform at an excellent level in everything they do from producing their products to the delivery of that product to the customer. "German Engineering" isn't just a slogan for them, but it is them. 

DPSaddlery's adjustable gullet system is revolutionary in its ability to allow a rider to change the tree width with just a twist of a wrench included with your saddle. Go from extra narrow to extra wide and anything in between. Perfect the the growing young horse or the older horse getting back into shape. It can also be used for multiple horses as the saddle can be adjusted while it sits on the horse's back. 

DP Saddlery includes Baroque, Dressage, Spanish and Western Lines. Each line has different types of saddle trees. There is also the opportunity to choose saddle colors and options. 

Since there is such a wide variety of saddles, please go to to look at all saddles. You can email us at for any saddle you would like more information on and pricing. We can also check to see what is currently in their inventory. It takes approximately 3-4 months to have a saddle made it they do not have it in stock. 

These are great saddles with great reviews and we are pleased to be able to offer them to our clients!!


Barock_SKL B19545 (2).jpg

Barock Baroque Saddle 

Maxima Jump B23831 (2).jpg

Maxima Jump Saddle

Maxima Arte Flower B19881 (2).jpg

Maxima Arte Flower English Saddle 

western dressage.jpg

Western Dressage Saddle

Quantum Sport Red (2).jpg

Quantum Sport Red Saddle

1078 ST Endurance Classic with BT B40566 (3).jpg

Startrek Endurance Classic

B18453 - 2207 SM Allrounder (2).jpg

Western Allrounder

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