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Marjoman Xpand Girth

white sheepskin xpand

XpandGirth is made exclusively by Marjoman of Spain. It is the result of an exhaustive study by experts in the world of riding. 

It is made with the most versatile and least aggressive materials for contact with the horse.

XpandGirth combines craftwork and the newest technologies along with the most advanced materials for outstanding quality. Double-pass buckles with safety screw for precise and safe adjustment of the girth straps. Trapezoid buckles designed to get and direct the strength of the horse inhalation to the buckles and achieve a balance between horse respiration and fastening the saddle.

Available in black, dark brown and medium brown leather.  Protectors are sheepskin, neoprene, leather or 3-D net. 

Sizes range from 50-85 cm.  The girth expands 10 cm so 50 fits up to 60cm.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Dressage girth with sheepskin and leather - $256

Endurance/trail girth with sheepskin and leather - $269

Jumping girth with sheepskin and leather - $395 

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