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 Zaldi Saddles

Right Path has several different Zaldi dressage, jumping and all-purpose saddles. These are all custom handmade saddles from Spain and, of course, made from the finest European leathers. Zaldi saddle tree has a 10 year guarantee in normal conditions. They have many options available on their saddles including color, stitching and piping. Following is just an example of what we will carry.


Zaldi Jumping Saddle Star 2G  $1500

The Zaldi Star 2G with different options of configuration. Made of top quality European selected leater, the semi deep seat is latex rubber. The jumping flap has inside kneepads and intelligent latex rubber panels.


The semi deep tree for jumping is made of special materials using leading technologies. The saddletree has a 10 year guarantee. 

Seat size is 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18 or 19 inches. the gullet width is 28 to 34 cm.  The colors offered are black, brown, london, dark london, havanna, or a combination of colors. Options also include threads, piping and edge strips. More D-rings are also an option.


Zaldi Santaana  $1800

This is a spectacular saddle that is unique among jumping saddles.  It is made of excellent leather with a flexible tree and its ergonomic design gives freedom of movement and closer contact.

The flap has outside front and hind pads and the short girth straps have a new "V" system. The semi-deep tree is made of thermo molded polypropylene. 

This saddle also comes in color combinations and design options.

ZALDI-SALTO-LEDYARD jumping saddle
drim atlanta
kira klass

Zaldi Ledyard $1750

The Zaldi Ledyard is based on the Zaldi Star model and is ideal for both professional and amateur riders. It offers close contact and the latest technology with excellent value for the price. It is made of selected box-calf leather and vegetal croupon.

The saddle is designed ergonomically with a flexible tree and gives freedom of movement. The saddle tree is adjustable. The panels are made of wool and a layer of rubber latex to provide support and comfort for your horse's back. Inside kneepad and backpad with a jumping front flap. 

It also comes in color combinations and design options.

Zaldi Drim Atlanta $3200

The Zaldi Drim Atlanta pictured comes with exchangeable gullets, a deep seat, 5-muliposition stirrup bar, extra comfortable seat with white piping, stiching and cantle. The new dual density anatomical tree adjusts to the back of the horse expanding and spreading the rider's weight. It has options for color and design. 

Zaldi Kira Klass $3300

The Zaldi Kira Klass has shock protection, extra comfortable seat, flexible dual density tree and many other features and options for color and design. It is durable and resistant in long term use. 

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