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The following is a guide to Zaldi Saddles  to help you decide on the size and elements available for your saddle. After you have reviewed and chosen the look for your saddle, please contact us for pricing and to make an appointment to measure your horse and review the options you have chosen.  You can also measure your horse and send the information to us. You are responsible for the measurements. 

These saddles are custom made for you, so make it special for you!

In Zaldi we consider the saddle as the joint element between horse and rider.

Following our T+T Tradition and Technology premise, into this cool new collection we have incorporated leading technological developments together with the most advanced veterinary and medical research, additionally applying the guidelines of the greatest saddle-fitters of international prestige. 50 years of experience as saddlers and our condition of manufacturers, allow us to launch this new line of customized saddles! We are saddlers!

$295 (if not included on saddle)

Heading 5

Stirrup Bars  $130

Seat 16-19 inches



Depth of the Seat

Leather for Flaps





Panels Options

$150 (if not standard)


System of Fixation

Girth Straps/Billets



Special for Women   

Cantle Cap  $120

Billet Length Changes  $100

Custom Flap Length $100

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